Action Research

· Groups are arranged from highest classroom level to lowest (Group 15 --------- Group 1).
· For the group structure I have endeavoured to ensure new staff have someone else from their school in their group, there is a mix of schools and all teachers are at a similar classroom level. If you have new staff or staff changes please put them in a group and email me to advise.
· The Action Research is not a massive undertaking. It is just taking the time to document some of the great things that are happening/you want to happen in your room. Time during staff/syndicate meetings to work on research could be an idea – this is up to each school. The research is the next step from my observations last year. Due to this being our third and final year the management team are required to show evidence of the cluster p.d at the classroom level and teacher accountability.
· I have provided email address if you want to get in touch with your group before cluster sharing. This is not essential but some people have said they would like to get an online forum going with their group. This would be brilliant and would provide an excellent platform for discussion. This would be up to someone in the group to initiate.
· The Action Research document needs to be worked on electronically. You can still print out and write notes as required but needs to end up in an electronic format.
· Some schools are using this as part of their appraisal system so may have other requirements. This will be discussed further in your school.
· The following people will be available to any group throughout the cluster sharing:
Spreydon: Rick and Andrea
Manning Int: Richard and Nicola
Oaklands: Margaret, Jan and Liana
Lincoln: Viv and John
Prebbleton: Mike
eTime: Megan
· Cluster Sharing on Wednesday 23rd June at Spreydon will be our first forum for sharing your action research in your group. It is a very informal sharing session. You can bring your printed action research, your laptop, photos etc… It is up to you how you share.
· You may not be finished your research at the time of cluster sharing. Share what you have.
· Questions? Queries? Please discuss with your school leaders. I am in each school twice throughout the term. Please have a chat to me or email me if you have any further questions.


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