Spend time working on your class Wiki or Ultranet site to develop how it supports your literacy programme at school and/or home. You can use many of the ideas from this Digital Literacy practicum to integrate into your site, i.e. online links, Voicethread integration (embed into site), Delicious bookmark link etc........

Suzie Vesper's web catalogue. Suzie is our National Facilitator and has a number of online areas to support quality teaching and learning. Fantastic links, resources and ideas!
Do you want to take your wiki to the next level? Getting Tricky with Wikis is a great place to start.
One of my faves! AMAZING! Nominated for Best Educational Wiki in 2009. Web 2.0 tools for all curriculum areas and to enhance your wiki/site..

Examples of classroom websites/wikis worth an explore:
Leeston Learners
Fendalton School blogs
St Albans School blogs and wikis
Waimairi School blogs and sites - Go to the Otakar, Hurunui and Performing Arts

Rotorua East Lakes Learning Community

Link to the 'Links' page for sites you can get great free clip art and images