Teaching Creative Animation in the Classroom

Using animation in the classroom can be extremely rewarding , as it is both engaging and rich in learning opportunities. In using animation, children will use skills they are already developing but in new and exciting ways. There is no other activity that seems to capture children's attention like animation.

Animation gives children a strong sense of control: they get to create their own characters and make them do whatever they like. It is great for introducing students to the idea of concept in artwork and to storytelling. The content can be shaped by their life experiences and can work as a medium to express their feelings.

Animation can be used to improve literacy skills and to develop team-working skills. Producing animation may involve many processes: storyboarding, scripting, developing characters, creating the animated figures, recording vocals etc. These processes can be used to improve reading, writing and listening skills.

Because producing animation can be very time consuming, by producing an animation in a group children can see how working in a group allows them to create something much better than when they work alone.

SAM Animation is user-friendly software designed specifically for students and teachers for classroom use. Designed with sustained input from teachers and students across the world, SAM Animation allows users to make stop-motion animations of whatever content they choose.

Teachers Notes

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