Digital Numeracy

18th & 25th March, 28th & 29th July, 4th August

By using ICT in maths children can manage large amounts of data and get instantaneous feedback, enabling them to explore maths problems that would not be possible with pencil and paper only. Computers foster mathematical thinking, help students understand ideas, and can make maths more engaging.

The practicum will provide:
· time to explore software that you have on your laptops already and that you can download free from the internet;
· a wide range of curriculum integration ideas for all levels;
· inquiry learning links;
· online links for software and resources your children can access in the classroom and from home;
· the time to explore and play with online resources;
· the opportunity to plan one idea of how you could integrate ICT into your math programme.

NZ Maths Curriclum

Practicum Workshops & Options
Workshop 1
Data Collection - Graphing - Microsoft Excel
Workshop 2
Integrating Voicethread

Option 1
Digital Photography
Option 2
Option 3
Google Docs (Forms and Spreadsheets)
Option 4
Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Map Maker & Bing Maps
Option 5
Option 6
Option 7
Kid Pix
Option 8
Interactive Whiteboard Resources
Option 9
Online numeracy links for children
Option 10
Create a Wiki to support your numeracy programme
Option 11
Option 12
Graphic Organisers & Numeracy
Option 13
Numbers (Mac software)
Option 14
Scavenger Hunts
Option 15
Comic Life
Option 16
Option 17
Board Games